About my work

THERAPEUTIC EURYTHMY is a movement therapy with manifold applications in respect of acute, chronic or degenerative  illnesses; it is also beneficial to strengthen one’s vitality and/or to support rehabilitation; it has particular benefit for children with development issues.    In addition to the physical symptoms it also considers the situation of vital force, mental situation, motivation and how the disease has developed.    Like any medicine, this therapy works through regular repetition, at intervals with the therapist and continuing at home where appropriate.   Therapeutic Eurythmy is used to treat conditions of the nervous system, illnesses of heart and circulation, as well as the metabolic system, the joints and limbs.

In addition to this I have worked considerably with children,  young children and older children, with a wide variety of conditions, including developmental delay situations; to improve the child’s ability to take up their school work more readily and their social stresses with Therapeutic Eurythmy.

As a Therapeutic Eurythmist I have gained my diploma in full time education lasting at least six years;  this includes a 4 year core art-eurythmy training, 11 years experience with eurythmy working with large groups of children and groups of adults;  and then the Therapeutic Eurythmy full time study of an additional one and half years.which have included the medical picture of illnesses and conditions.


EURYTHMY WELLNESS CLASSES.   Eurythmy is a modern form of movement developed from various ancient understandings and modern knowledge of the human being.  It has some similarity to T’aiChi, but is also quite different being accompanied by poetry or music as dance is, and can involved simple or complex choreography.

Eurythmy as a movement art form can be done in small or large groups. It combines interaction with aspects of yourself/your movement and aspects of those you move with;  therefore making it social.  It is fun, providing gentle social interaction through beautiful movement.

As a nurturing element this movement provides a general balancing to the individual in their body and emotional life.  It lightens and enlivens the individual,  while providing some mental challenges;  thus it works the whole person