Stress and tension disturb the body’s normal function.  The adrenal glands (part of the Endocrine System) get over burdened when stress persists or frequently occurs. Stress could be a hot or cold day, seasonal air changes, events in one’s life or other things. The relaxation aspect of a reflexology treatment calms all functions and gives “space” to regain normal function and strengthens all systems as the congested toxins build up in any of the body’s systems is cleared away.

In a reflexology treatment for the Asthmatic particular areas are given special attention, such as, the reflex points for the Lungs, Diaphragm and Solar Plexus to directly improve breathing.  Intestine and Colon reflexes are also worked to address good elimination of wastes that come from congested areas.  Adrenals reflexes are also worked to release the stress burden.  The Spinal reflex area is worked with all it’s nerve supply to Lung/Bronchi.

Asthmatics can also have allergies/sensitivities;  this can be assisted by the reflexology treatment as the treatment would include attention to all the Endocrine System reflexes.

As a standard practice the reflexologist will work the whole body through the reflexes of the feet or hands; as any one part of the body is a function within the whole.  However, as mentioned above, specific areas are worked a little more for the Asthmatic, including the lymphatic drainage.

It is recommended that an Asthmatic takes a course of treatments to assist them;  this would be one treatment weekly for 6 or 7 weeks, followed by monthly treatments until it is mutually decided that an agreed upon checkup/touch base appointments are sufficient.  For a one hour treatment I charge $60,  with a health fund rebate this becomes a regularly ‘doable’ treatment.

I am a Diploma trained Reflexologist;  professionally registered with the Reflexology Association of Australia(RAoA).  RAoA recognises quality training standards for its members;  as a member of RAoA I have a provider number for many of the available health funds.

If you have any queries, or would like to chat about a treatment, make a booking please contact me through the comment link at my web site  or telephone me,

Karen Foster  07 38512550.   I am living in the Arana Hills area of Brisbane, Australia.