The inability to ‘get to sleep’, waking early or experiencing disturbed sleep wear a person’s good disposition down;  leading to irritability, poor concentration or over an extended time this can lead to other illnesses as the body struggles to maintain optimum function.

The generally relaxing and overall balancing effect of a reflexology treatment can assist this condition.  In any reflexology treatment the practitioner will treat all systems of the body to bring the person to an optimum general function through the reflexes of either feet or hands..  In the treatment of sleep problems the reflexologist would do extra work on the reflexes of specific areas of the body ie head function, adrenal activity – to release stress, as well as reflexes of any body areas that an individual is having issues with,

A one hour wonderfully relaxing treatment weekly for 6 or 7 weeks followed by monthly maintenance treatments till all has found its new optimum function, would be recommended.

I have a diploma in Reflexology and am a professional member of the Reflexology Association of Australia(RAoA).  As a professional member I have a provider number for many health funds, entitling a rebate for a reflexology treatment.

For a one hour reflexology treatment I charge $60;  with the added bonus of a rebate this is a very reasonably priced pampering/relaxation/balancing treatment in the Arana Hills area of Brisbane, Australia.

If you have any queries, need to chat about the treatment or wish to make an appointment please contact me via the contact form at my web site     or phone me

Karen Foster   07 3851 2550